Midas in reverse. Marina Park in Nordhavn

I’m experiencing lately a curious phenomenon. If a building, a landscape, a place, appeals to my sensibility, if I find it interesting or beautiful, you can be sure that there is a plan somewhere to destroy it, change it, substitute it. A most peculiar version of the Midas curse or the lethal gaze of Hydra.

I took a trip to Nordhavn, and was surprised about the quality and character of a building from the 80´s, namely Marina Park, headquarters of PFA. In these days of herd thinking and herd designing, how refreshing it is to see a building with character. And playful also, with its flying hexagonal bridges, its rich ceramic skin, the futuristic/nautical openings.

I decided to look it up. I found out it was made by Bent Saks, an architect that I shall get familiar with. But then I learned something else. First it seems it was going to be turned down, now it is going to suffer an "aggiornamento". According to the reporter, some architects other than the author are going to "jazz the building up". Read the piece here:

Really, I don't understand why we complain so much. Our attributions as architects keep growing, in number and importance. "Jazzing things up", for instance.

What is next? Well, yes, my beloved Viking museum in Roskilde. Damned.  It’s my fault, I know. I saw them, I liked them, and down they go: my lethal gaze.

Photo by Nathan Romero Muelas

Originally published on The Danish Architectural Press.